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Complete Guitar LessonsMy name is Pete Sklaroff and a warm welcome to Complete Guitar Lessons. This website offers you the opportunity to take your guitar playing to the next level through HQ tuition from a teacher with over 25 years experience as a professional guitarist and music educator.

What I Can Offer You

You can study guitar on a 1-1 basis from literally anywhere in the world via Skype video calling or if you prefer using prerecorded HD video lessons tailored to your own specific musical requirements.

Alternatively if you want 1-1 in person lessons these are also available within the UK at my home studio.

For All Electric Guitarists

Complete Guitar Lessons

Complete Guitar Lessons covers all common styles of electric guitar playing with Jazz and Classic Rock/Blues being a specialty. Whether you are just starting out with guitar or already an accomplished player, these lessons will really help you progress to the level you’ve always wanted.

Why CGL Is Different

At Complete Guitar Lessons my sole aim is to make you a better player through structured HQ guitar lessons that emphasis the learning of genuine music, rather than ‘hot licks’ and excessive music theory. All lessons are accompanied by clear PDF teaching notes and a structured approach to practice.

Unlock Your Potential On Guitar

Complete Guitar Lessons, lesson details,If you are new to playing guitar, or have been playing for a few years, the goal of playing the instrument really well and sounding like the players that inspired you to pick it up in the first place, can sometimes seem a long way off. You may already have spent a small fortune on books, DVDs and instructional materials that promised you ‘complete mastery’ within a few weeks. I’ve bought some of these myself in the past and I can tell you a simple fact, only YOU can really master the instrument. No single book or video will ever do that for you.

The one thing however that has always helped me though my own journey with the guitar is the support and guidance of a real teacher and I’ve been very fortunate to have studied with some excellent musicians who all really knew how to teach music.

jazz guitar lessonsEvery student is an individual and a good teacher will be able to guide you through what often seems like a maze of conflicting or hard to understand musical information, so that you can really play the instrument to your full potential. Often the hardest concepts and instrumental techniques become far easier when you are guided gently by someone who knows what you are facing, is keen to help you and has found ways to successfully overcome such challenges him/herself. This is the way I was taught and it’s the way I can teach you too.

Ready To Improve Your Guitar Playing Now?

If you are ready to take the first step in really improving your guitar playing and are committed to spending some time with your chosen instrument, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Why? – well here’s some good reasons:

  • There is no ‘hard sell’ at Complete Guitar Lessons, you can have one lesson or several, depending on your needs. I treat all my students exactly the same. 100%
  • If you have queries between lessons, I’ll happily answer any questions that you might have via e-mail within 24hrs at absolutely no extra cost to you.
  • I have extensive experience (over 25 yrs) teaching and playing the guitar professionally, so you have someone teaching you who is able to support and guide you directly from that experience.
  • If you have been playing a for a while, but now want to ‘top-up’ your skills, then I can easily help you to achieve your goals through the implementation of an effective practice schedule, as I have done with literally hundreds of other guitarists.
  • If you are studying on a full (or part-time) music course, or are looking to sit a graded music exam, I can guide you through the important preparations required and help you achieve better performances and grades. I regularly teach students working through ‘Rockschool’, RGT and other similar music qualifications.
Complete Guitar Lessons
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