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Complete Guitar LessonsThis website and the lessons available here have been entirely constructed and designed with guitarists just like you in mind.

Complete Guitars Lessons will provide you with everything you need to progress in your playing, whether you are a music student, working professional or simply just love playing the guitar. My name is Pete Sklaroff and I’m passionate about making you a better guitar player..right now. I hope you enjoy the site and please click the buttons below to find out more.


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If you’d like to test out what a Skype guitar lesson would be like for you and maybe discuss some of your musical goals on guitar, then why not take advantage of this new 100% free offer. From this month I am offering a short trial Skype session so that you can experience what Skype guitar lessons could offer you. If you are interested in this offer, then please e-mail me directly from the link in the footer of this page.


Music Student?..taking a Music Examination?

lesson details,If you are about to audition for a music course or are working towards a graded music examination, then you might well be looking for some expert guidance as to what you can expect and what you will be required to know and play. If you are in this position (and I have taught many students who were in this very situation) then I can help you prepare for your audition/exam and also get you up to speed with subjects like music theory and analysis. Feel free to contact me regarding your requirements, even if you are just contemplating some formal musical study and perhaps need some general advice.


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