jazz guitar tuition, Jazz Guitar Tuition – Jazz guitar is one of the most expressive and rewarding forms of instrumental music to study and play.

Much of my regular guitar teaching work involves working with players (at all levels) from all around the world studying everything from Swing and Bebop Jazz through to modern Fusion guitar styles.

Starting out with Jazz Guitar

If you are completely new to Jazz guitar, you can learn the fundamentals of the most popular jazz guitar styles through easy to understand lessons, augmented with concise notes and backing tracks for you to practice with.

Learning the basics of jazz guitar need not be an uphill struggle and CGL offers you a straightforward step-by-step approach which has proven highly successful with hundreds of students over the years. Emphasis is placed upon the learning and playing of the music first and foremost and you won’t be overloaded with endless theory. You will begin by studying the most common jazz chord progressions (and some simple to learn melodies for them) before working on the basics of improvisation and accompaniment. Most students are able to play convincing jazz guitar within just a handful of lessons too.

Intermediate Jazz Players

If you are already an intermediate level player with a good understanding of common chords and scales, then CGL can really take your playing to a new and higher level within just a few lessons.

By taking common jazz standards and jazz blues forms you will soon be able to solo and accompany without having to work through masses of complicated theoretical information. Even if your background is in Rock or Blues guitar, these lessons will support and develop your existing knowledge and you likely find that your non-jazz playing improves too.

You will study jazz harmony, common chord progressions and the melodic language of jazz. You will also learn how to incorporate chromatic passing notes, chord substitutions and use common jazz rhythmic phrasing amongst other fundamental concepts.

Advanced Level Jazz Players


For more advanced jazz players, CGL can offer you a wealth of new material to work with, which will help you really expand your jazz or fusion playing.

You can for example study advanced chordal accompaniment, rhythmic principles, single-line soloing and also more complex repertoire. As with all CGL lessons, you will receive clear lesson notes in PDF format accompanied by backing tracks and audio examples to study with.

If you’ve been playing jazz or fusion for a while, but are feeling like your playing is in a rut, then these more advanced lessons are definitely for you. You can study the soloing and chordal concepts of the jazz masters and also get in-depth lessons on the use of the most modern techniques employed in jazz and fusion guitar.

How I Can Offer Experience and Support

My own background in jazz music includes studying advanced jazz harmony and improvisation with the legendary teacher Charlie Banacos (tutor to Mike Stern, Jeff Berlin, Wayne Krantz etc.) and many other renowned jazz musicians.

I also held the post of Assistant Head of Music and Head of Jazz Studies at Leeds College of Music in the UK until 2010 – after spending 15 years as a Principal Lecturer in Jazz Guitar Studies.

Areas of Study Can Include:

  • Learning Jazz Standards
  • Single-Line Improvisation
  • Jazz Vocabulary
  • Harmonic Techniques
  • Rhythm and Time-Feel
  • Developing the Fingerboard
  • Chord on Chord Substitution
  • Comping Approaches
  • Drop 2 and 3 Harmony
  • Coltrane Changes & ‘Giant Steps’
  • Bebop Scales
  • Symmetrical Scales & Harmony
  • Playing ‘Outside’ Lines
  • Pentatonics and Quartal Harmony
  • Modal Harmony

lesson details, jazz guitar tuition,If you would like more specific information as to what I could cover in either my Skype or video lessons with you, then please feel free to send me an e-mail with your questions (my contact e-mail address is in the footer portion of this page) and I’ll be more than happy to discuss any aspect of my jazz guitar teaching with you.

Sample Demonstration Videos for Students

Below are two videos I originally made for my students demonstrating the various jazz guitar techniques we were studying in their Skype lessons.

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